The Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT) is an introductory course in Information Technology. The 132 hours course comprises of theory as well as hands-0n practice in lab. The course comes along with excellent study material in the form of a book and a multimedia CD.


Special Features:

         Maharashtra Government has recognized the MS-CIT course, which is mandatory for all Government/Semi. Government Employees as per Government GR dated August 07, 2001.

         MS-CIT Certificate is a prerequisite for MPSC Examination.

         MS-CIT Examination will be jointly conducted by MKCL and MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) and their dual certification will be granted to successful candidates..

         Online Examination as per Academic Calendar immediately followed by e-certification.


MS-CIT Annual Academic Calendar


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Batch 19

Batch 20

Batch 21

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Last Date of Payment of Fee


Conclusion of Course


Online Examination




Computer Competencies: Information Systems People Software Hardware Data Connectivity and the Internet

Application Software: Application Software Competencies General Purpose Applications Word Processors Spreadsheets Database Management Systems Presentation Graphics Software Suits Integrated Packages Indian Language Pack based on Unicode (Marathi) Lotus Smart Suite

Browser, Information Managers, Operating Systems and Utilities: Personal information managers System Software Operating Systems Utilities

System Unit: Electronic Data and Instructions System Board Microprocessor Memory System Clock Expansion Slots and cards Bus Lines Ports and cables

Input and Output: Input: Keyboard versus Direct Entry Output Monitors Printers Plotters Voice-Output Devices

Secondary Storage:  Floppy Disks Hard Disks Optical Disks Magnetic tape

Communication and Connectivity: Communications and Connectivity User connection Communication Channels Data Transmission Network Architecture Network Types

Internet and the Web: Internet Applications Access E-mail Discussion Groups Electronic Commerce Internet Services Browsers Web Pages Search Tools Web Utilities Organizational Internets: Intranets and Extranets

Multimedia, Web Authorship: Multimedia Web Authoring Graphics Programs Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Project Management